Submissions are currently OPEN

[ poetry · translation · cover art ]

Please send 2-6 poems or images.

We welcome submissions year-round. Please submit only once per year. We suggest reading Transom to get a sense of what we publish before submitting. TRANSOM

We encourage a wide definition of poetry, including collage and erasure. Transom includes interviews of each poet and artist along with acceptance and publication.

We accept simultaneous submissions; just let us know if your poems are no longer available.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Please send 2-6 images.

Transom showcases one visual artist throughout each issue. We will also feature art throughout our website and social media with credit to the artist. Please upload images or include links to website URLs in your submissions. Thank you!

Please send 2-6 poems. 

Collage, poetry comic slides, and other visual media poetics are highly encouraged.

If you are submitting work in translation, please include the original text as well. The translator is responsible for obtaining the permission(s) of the copyright-holder(s) to reprint the original texts.

The submissions follow the same guidelines for poetry and translation. Thank you for your support!